Code With Cloud
Learn the No.1 in-demand skill in Today's Workforce

Code With Cloud
Learn the No.1 in-demand skill in Today's Workforce

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A guided learning programme

Code With Cloud is an 8-week guided online learning programme. Learn about cloud technologies in peer groups of five, under the mentorship of practising cloud professionals. At the end of the programme, participants will be equipped with the technical skills and knowledge needed to take (and ace!) the Google Associate Cloud Engineer certification - we’ll even reimburse your fees if you pass!

This programme will be completely virtual and is fully sponsored by CodingGirls. As such, only 50 female participants will be selected for this bootcamp and all hopeful applicants would need to complete a technical task as part of their application.

/static/laptop-icon-942c0c4679dc9479f9bf1f3a4045d8b1.pngSelf-paced learning with sponsored access to Coursera and Qwiklabs
/static/handshake-icon-79c57bddcd3eac92153dfe54e8e1ad1b.pngGuidance and mentorship by industry professionals
/static/chat-bubble-icon-86c31d5ffa91a608215639e257420243.pngPeer support and networking opportunities
/static/rocket-icon-b94dd6dad6f19a530379d5f42c3464ee.pngMock interviews with Google Cloud Practitioners

Why Cloud?

Covid-19 has hit the job market hard, with unemployment rates at a 10-year high. Nonetheless, the pandemic has accelerated digitalisation across all facets of our lives and opened up new opportunities in the tech industry.

In this new normal, there will be increasing demand for cloud computing practitioners. While companies are willing to pay for cloud talents, there remains a shortage of skills in Singapore’s labour market.

CodingGirls believes that we can fill that talent gap by helping to reskill and upskill women with cloud computing skills. In addition, this would help to improve their employability and increase women's representation in tech.

Who is
this for?

  • Developers, DevOps who want to demostrate their understanding in cloud system through certification
  • Final-year computing students who want to gain an edge in job seeking
  • Other professionals interested in understanding cloud computing


  • Perseverance, self-learning capability, and interest in technology
  • Pass our technical quiz or complete the one-week introductory course on GCP fundamentals
  • Comfortable with command line
  • Ability to commit to the full 8 week programme, with an estimated 10-16 hours needed per week

Exciting Activities and Rewards

Virtual Learning - Self-paced learning with free access to Coursera and Qwiklabs

Training workshops - by Google certified trainers to accelerate your learning process

Career Talks - Gain insight from experienced industry professionals

Mentoring - Weekly mentoring session with industry professionals

Mock Interviews - Level up your coding skills by practise with insiders

Cash Reward - We will reward you with cash once you get your certificate

Full Schedule

8 weeks programme

Phase 1

26 Sept
Workshop: Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure
28 Sep - 4 Oct
Coursera: Essential Google Cloud Infrastructure: Foundation
5 Oct - 11 Oct
Coursera: Essential Google Cloud Infrastructure: Core Services
12 Oct - 18 Oct
Coursera: Elastic Google Cloud Infrastructure: Scaling and Automation
19 Oct -25 Oct
Coursera: Preparing for the Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Exam

Phase 2

28 Oct
Talks: GCP showcases
31 Oct
Breakout session: Chat with Certified Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineers
2 Nov - 15 Nov
Exam Preparation
3 Nov
Tech Talk: GCP Showcases
10 Nov (TBC)
Talks: Machine Learning with Google Cloud
17 Nov
Interview Workshop
21 Nov
Examination Day
22 Nov

*please note that programme schedule may be subject to change

Mentors & Speakers

Akshata Mohanty's profileAkshata MohantyFull Stack Engineer, Viki, Inc.
Anushree Paul's profileAnushree PaulAccount Executive, Google Cloud
Hae Na, Noh's profileHae Na, NohAPAC Territory Account Manager, Google Cloud
Fang Min's profileFang MinCustomer Engineering Manager, Southeast Asia, Google Cloud
Qiurong Hu's profileQiurong HuCustomer Engineer, Google Cloud
Thriveni T K's profileThriveni T KCloud Computing Consultant (AWS,GCP certified)
Melody Huang's profileMelody HuangAssociate Cloud Consultant, Sourced Group
Shafraz Rahim's profileShafraz RahimCloud Community Manager, Google
Ajit Kumar Amit's profileAjit Kumar AmitManaging Partner, Agilitics
Hairizuan Noorazman's profileHairizuan NoorazmanDevOps Engineer, Acronis
Arpit Maheshwari's profileArpit MaheshwariData Architect, Chope
George Seah's profileGeorge SeahDirector, Revenue Management solutions, GCP Certified
Weiyuan Liu's profileWeiyuan LiuStaff Software Engineer, Hubble, Google Developer Expert
Salem Amazit's profileSalem AmazitConsultant, Google Cloud
Leona Teng's profileLeona TengTechnical Account Manager, Google Cloud
Jocelyn Agbeko's profileJocelyn AgbekoSenior Data Engineer/Data Scientist (GCP), PA Consulting (London)
Jan Peuker's profileJan PeukerStrategic Cloud Engineer, Google

Training Partners

Agilitics logo

How to apply

Participants will need to fill in a registration form and demonstrate their basic technical knowledge by either passing a technical quiz or showing proof of completion of the Google Cloud introduction course on Coursera.

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Who should sign up for the Code with Cloud Programme?
We welcome any female developers with some experience in coding, who are thinking of upskilling themselves in cloud computing! You could be a recent graduate or a mid-career switcher, but most importantly, you are willing to commit 8 weeks to deep diving into the fundamentals of cloud computing, and are excited to form new connections with other like-minded peers!
When is the deadline for registration?
20th September 2020
Can males sign up for this programme?
As CodingGirls aim to uplift women and their representation in the tech industry, this programme is women-only.
I am aspiring to be a Cloud Practitioner. Is this course for me?
This programme will equip you with the fundamental skills needed to launch your career in cloud computing and we aim to provide a conducive (online) learning environment with other like-minded people and mentors. While we will guide participants to be Google Cloud Certified at the end of the programme, it is not guaranteed and is dependent on your active participation and commitment to the course and activities.
Will I become Google Cloud Certified after completing this programme?
No, but at the end of course, participants will be encouraged to sign up for the Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Examination. Our Mentors will be guiding you throughout the process and hold group study sessions, where relevant.
Will CodingGirls pay for my Google Cloud Certification examination?
We will reward participants who have successfully passed their Google Cloud Certification with e-vouchers equivalent to the examination fee amount. 🎉
Is taking the exam optional?
How much is this programme?
It is free-of-charge. However, you will have to take care of your own software needs.
How long is this course?
It will run for 8 weeks. Please see our Schedule for more information.
What are the courses and activities I can expect from this bootcamp?
While the programme is entirely virtual, there'll be plenty of mentorship and networking opportunities. Participants will be guided through a series of online foundational courses and workshops for Google Cloud, with the help of weekly check-ins with mentors and their study groups. These will be supported by unlimited access to Qwiklabs, a real cloud environment platform, for participants to practise and self-study. After completing the curriculum, participants will be prepared (and highly encouraged!) to take the Google Associate Cloud Engineer certification exam. To give participants an extra edge in their career transitions, the online learning will be accompanied by a career coaching component in the form of mock interviews and sharing sessions by hiring managers.
How does the study groups work?
Up to 50 participants will be selected for this programme. If you’ve been selected for the programme, you will be randomly grouped into peer groups of 5. Each study group will have a mentor who is responsible for weekly check-ins and study sessions with the group. We have kept the numbers low for members per study group as we find that learning is best in smaller groups! That way, you can make new connections and motivate one another through this difficult time and climate.
Can I choose to be in the same study group as my friend?
No. You will be randomly grouped with others in order to maximise the learning experience with other participants from diverse backgrounds.
What apps will we be using for communications throughout this programme?
We will have a dedicated CodingGirls Slack Channel where you will find your study groups, as well as a general channel for all participants of Code with Cloud 💫
Do I have to commit to the full 8 weeks of the programme?
In order to have a meaningful learning experience for yourself and your peers, we strongly encourage every participant to contribute and take away as much as you can from the entire run of this programme. You would need to commit an estimated 10 - 16 hours each week.